Several issues have emerged in these first three days of our session: I think we found multiple ways into the poetry of Dickinson, Cooley, Ginsberg, Hughes, Angelou, and Smith. I think we have complicated the relationship between the—sometimes intense—personal experience of reading poetry and the intellectual understanding of how it works by: performing critical analysis […]


June 2, 2010 | Leave a Comment

We are reading Ginsberg tomorrow.  The readings consist of: Poems: Cockroach on My Door (to Alan Ansen); Two Nights, and pg. 9/10 of HOWL  (the beginning of section I in the online version). Journal: The excerpts from Ginsberg’s journal are meant to help us understand Ginsberg’s creative process. Happy Howling!

First, I apologize for the logistical chaos of this morning! Tomorrow we meet in Razran 318 again. Second, thanks for humoring me today and writing your goals.  It’s quite helpful. Reading over your goals for this course, it seems that several of you are primarily here to fulfill a requirement.  I appreciate your candor and […]

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