Assignment Schedule


Revised Assignment Dates:

Monday 14th                                                                                         

Draft of Essay #2           

     Return to you:  Essay #1

Thursday 17th                                                                       

Revised Essay #2

Cover Letter for Essay #2

Monday 21st                                                                       

Essay Draft #3

     Return to you: Essay #2

Thursday 24th                                                     

Revised Essay # 3

Cover Letter #3

Also due on Thursday June 24th:

Writing Portfolio Due.  Your portfolio should include (in the following order):

  • A cover letter about the session: what you’ve learned, what you think went well, and your concerns (if you have any)
  • Copies of all three papers with attached cover letters and my comments. Please place them in reverse order (starting with Essay # 3 which will be your final paper)
  • Your journal entries—again, these can be handwritten and stapled together or typed up, depending on how you kept your journal


Picking up your portfolio:

I will be on campus on Tuesday June 29th 11AM-4PM if you want to pick up your portfolio.  I will also be on campus in the fall Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  If you don’t care about getting your writing back, please let me know at the end of our session, so I won’t hang on to it for years waiting for you to pick it up.

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