June 13, 2010 | 14 Comments

Here, in random order, are the poets that you all were writing about.  It’s an impressive and eclectic list.   U.S. Americans: Mark Doty, Edgar Allan Poe, Pierre A. Lubin Jr., Emily Dickinson, Shel Silverstein, Maya Angelou, Tracy Chapman, Langston Hughes, Amy Lowell, Stephan Crane, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost, William Blake, Conrad Aiken, Philip Booth, Marianne Moore, Patricia Smith, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Ralph Angel, Ralph Waldo Thoreau, Henry David Thoreau, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Daniel Beatty. Another North […]

Several issues have emerged in these first three days of our session: I think we found multiple ways into the poetry of Dickinson, Cooley, Ginsberg, Hughes, Angelou, and Smith. I think we have complicated the relationship between the—sometimes intense—personal experience of reading poetry and the intellectual understanding of how it works by: performing critical analysis […]

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