I discussed the new assignment (and your essays that I read) with a couple of you after class today. Reba correctly pointed out that this is not a writing intensive class.  That’s perfectly true.  However, I believe that the true learning of reading and analyzing literature happens most productively when we are forced to grapple […]

I found today’s discussion on Hemingway, Steinbeck, and White illuminating and somewhat surprising.  I think our discussions on POV and character illuminated how the relationship between plot and character is often a complicated and shifty one. It’s interesting how we—the pleasure readers of the world (or at lest the ones in Razran 343)—read for immediate […]

First, I apologize for the logistical chaos of this morning! Tomorrow we meet in Razran 318 again. Second, thanks for humoring me today and writing your goals.  It’s quite helpful. Reading over your goals for this course, it seems that several of you are primarily here to fulfill a requirement.  I appreciate your candor and […]

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